Everyone is listening to smash hit “Drivers License”

 In the NY Times article “Why Do You Think ‘Drivers License’ Became Such a Smash Hit?”, Coscarelli discusses how recording artist Olivia Rodrigo’s song shot to the top of the charts in just a week.

When reading about “Drivers License” the thing that was most unbelievable was the fact Olivia Rodrigo wrote most of it in an hour. I can’t even do my school work within an hour. For someone to write a song at the age  of 17 and having it break about 10 records since being released January 8, 2021.

 This is one of the best love songs released since Adele released “Someone Like You.” Drivers License is a great song to sit down and cry to if you want to have a good cry. How did Olivia Rodregrees sit down for only an hour and write such a great song? She is only 17, and she has written a song that has gone so famous. She didn’t imagine how much her song would blow up, but it’s such a relatable song that everyone loves it.

I can’t wait till she releases another song to see if she’ll continue writing great songs, or if it’ll be a huge flop, or if maybe it’ll blow up more than this one because that would definitely be impressive. The way that she makes you feel the same as when she wrote the song shows how great her writing skills are. Just imagine what she could do if it was an essay instead of a song. That essay would be the most detailed essay that I have ever read. She has such great writing potential that I would love to watch a TV show that shows how she wrote it. 

When I first heard the song on Tiktok, my first thought was to go find out what its name was so I could listen to the whole thing instead of just what little bit of it that was on Tiktok. It did start to grow old after I heard it so many times on Tiktok. After a while I fell right back into love with it and started jamming out to it once again. The way it just glides you into thinking that what she is feeling is what you’re feeling is incredible. I don’t even know how she did it but if any of her new songs are going to be like that I will definitely be listening to them every day till they get old then start listening to them again just like the loop I’m stuck in with Driver License.