Mistakes happen

I am sure by now you know what Cancel Culture is, and what it is referring to. Is it a good system to hold others accountable for their actions, or is it taking it a bit too far?  If you look up the definition according to Dictionary.com, “cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.” People of power or celebrities definitely need to be more careful and held more accountable since their lives are always on a screen for many to see. They are role models and they are more likely to be a representation of the country as a whole. However the problem that has come up is many people are being “canceled” for something they said or did over a decade ago; while it should be in their best interest to simply address it, there is no reason for their career or reputation to be ruined due to something they said over a decade ago. 

There are multiple reasons why cancel culture is not an appropriate way to deal with an individual or individuals actions. One being it can be taken way too far, as previously stated some people are being “canceled” for words and or actions done in 2010 as well as way before. Cancel culture is not an effective way to deal with a person who said or did something offensive – personally to me it sounds incredibly childish. It is similar to someone giving you the “silent treatment” or the “cold shoulder;” in the end really nothing is resolved. 

Another reason I consider it completely unnecessary is because it can be very biased and targeted. Especially in the past two years many individuals refer to the public as sensitive as everything you say and or do is going to offend someone. This can cause something that would be similar to a domino effect; by this I mean one person can find something offensive in someone’s actions and then many who just do not like the individual join in and then finally they are considered canceled. Disregarding hate speech and actions that are just in general not ok, including racism, homo/transphobia, and sexism, I do not find it ok or fair that a person’s entire career and reputation can be ruined when some people just look for a reason to cancel someone. Someone’s reputation, future, and sometimes life can be ruined; for example Paula Deen was sued and cancelled for using racial slurs in a social media post. Of course, we should hold people accountable for their actions especially when it is considered hate speech. However it is just incredibly petty and childish to ruin their future and not give them a chance to explain or address their mistake. We are human, we make mistakes and should be given a second chance or at the very least a chance to apologize and address our actions. I find it inappropriate to completely shun a person and as mentioned before give them the cold shoulder.