Students given opportunity to receive vaccine

Of the three available vaccines for Covid 19 the Pfizer vaccine is the only one approved for use for sixteen year olds. Students ages sixteen and older have been given the opportunity to receive the Pfizer vaccine at school. As previously mentioned only one brand of the vaccine is available for children above the age of sixteen, this is due to children having an immune system that is completely different than adults. Their immune system responds in different ways than adults who receive the vaccine. Students who are of age will receive or already have received a form that is asking for personal information such as birthdate, name, insurance, etc. “Since you are under 18, [parents] will have to sign consent” Nurse Brooke Plott said. 

As with adults, the vaccine has been known to give the individual side effects, but for some it is no more than a tender or sore arm a few hours later. “I had three side effects: body aches, headache, and chest pain,” Noah Currence (10) said. Noah also mentioned that in his experience the first dose was much easier than the second.

This was also what Payton Rice experienced with receiving the second dose. The first dose was much easier than the other. I only experienced minor pains in my back and nausea from that one. The second was much harder on my body.” 

With the vaccines still being in early trial, it is not definite if it will have long term effects and what those would be. This for many individuals is what is stopping them from getting vaccinated. 

“No, there was never really a concern for me. Obviously there are not many studies on long term effects and it is sort of risky, but so is doing anything else new. The way I see it, I would prefer to take the chance of getting hurt from the vaccine rather than dying from the virus,” Payton Rice said talking about any concerns she has for the long term effects. Noah Currence stated he had little to no concerns for the long term effects of the vaccine. 

The CDC is working tirelessly to roll out vaccines faster and faster to help combat the virus. They are in the process of developing a vaccine for children, infants, newborns, and pregnant mothers. While waiting for the ok to give those fifteen and under the vaccine, there is still research on the effects that are being caused.