Reflections on school year shows highs and lows

As the final sixth weeks of the school year begins, students have begun to realize that the school year was nothing they expected. A lot of students went into the school year not expecting much at all and were shocked with what they did actually get, while some students were super disappointed with the way things worked out.

“It sucked (the school year),” said Sydney Lester (10). “But I am shocked with what we actually got to do, like sports.” Sydney is thankful for what we got to have but also did miss the things that we normally got like normal sport seasons.

“At the beginning of the school year, I expected the teachers to not give us a ton of assignments with the pandemic and everything.” said Paige Kinzer. (11) “Everything we liked was taken away so I was sort of hoping the amount of work would be taken away too.” Paige began to feel like school was an option when she went online and her grades suffered as a result of it. “I feel more motivated when we are in-person because it just doesn’t feel the same being online.”

One thing a lot of students were disappointed with was sports. “I was really hoping we would get to play more games,” said Zay Bradshaw (11). “There were a lot of teams I really missed out on playing this year.”

With students missing out on a lot of things like sports, normal school, and other events, it still could have been worse. “I wish [cheer] could have been normal, but I am glad we still got regions and to cheer at games,”  said Sydney.

A lot of students began to switch to online because it worked better for them. “I found myself being more motivated online and my grades got so much better,” said Sydney. 

At the beginning of the year, everyone can agree that we were expecting this to be a lot worse than it was. “I expected it (the school year) to be more chaotic than it was,” said Eli Mounts (11). Eli plans to return to in-person school for his senior year.

Zay Bradshaw is super excited for this next season and what it brings. “A couple days ago, we got the football schedule and we are playing some great games that I am excited to play,” he said. He said even though he didn’t get to play a lot of games this season, he still got a lot of opportunities for recruiters. However, he is most excited about being able to play Graham Beaver again which is scheduled for the 2021 season. 

This year has been hard but the teachers have made it bearable. “My teachers are doing a really good job with teaching in-person and virtually at the same time,” said Sydney. She is thankful for them and the hard work they do to ensure we still learn as much as possible. 

The school board plans to go back to a more normal schedule next year with us going five days a week. “I feel like going back to school full-time is going to be difficult but I am glad it is going to be more normal,” said Paige Kinzer. (11) “It was super hard going four days in a row when we had spring break.”

As this very unique school year wraps up, everyone can agree that it has been very unpredictable. Students have overcome all of the obstacles and all we can do is just put our best foot forward and hope for the best for next