Mr. Carr challenges the school

During the pandemic, a little heart to heart is just what everyone needs. Entertainment and comfort is difficult to encounter safely these days. Mr. Carr, Graham High’s principal, has found a foolproof way to give students and staff the perfect amount of socialization and fun that is desperately needed at this time. Principal challenges were introduced to the school as an approach to solve these issues. Varying from limbo challenges to one on one basketball games, these amusements are handled safely, while giving students and staff a distraction in these frightening times.

Mr. Carr and his challengers meet in the gym at the school in order to have enough space needed because of restrictions. Precautions, like wearing masks and gloves, are always taken. Keeping students and staff safe are a priority of his. “Early on in the year we wore masks and gloves, especially if we were going to be touching the same things,” Mr. Carr said, “These games and challenges are also limited to only fifteen minutes or less in order to prevent exposure to the virus. He said, “As the year has gone on we have continued to keep a lot of those restrictions in place.” Spacing can be problematic, especially in a challenge like games of basketball. The school is always ensured that safety precautions will be taken. 

Feeling connected with the school is something that has never been a problem before. Obviously, with the pandemic taking place it is a little harder to do this. Sports and dances have been cancelled and postponed, so principal challenges are the perfect way to connect with the school. Jordan McFarland (12) said, “The challenges offer comfort to the students and Mr. Carr.” Jordan challenged Mr. Carr to limbo, in which multiple students also joined. She feels that it was unfair to him because she is shorter and more flexible, but that also ensures a win. Not many people have been able to defeat Mr. Carr, but Jordan did come victorious in this challenge. 

Staff have also partaken in these challenges. Mr. McDaniel (teacher) took part in a knockout challenge where other instructors also participated. A relay race has also taken place where students were allowed to race their own teachers. Mr. McDaniel describes these challenges as a “big-time relationship builder.” Mr. Carr plans to continue the games in the next school year while hoping that more contact can be made and masks will not have to be worn. In the meantime, all restrictions and precautions will be taken. Jordan advises anyone who wants to challenge Mr. Carr to choose a game that they will have an advantage over him in, like her limbo challenge. Mr. Carr welcomes anyone to challenge him, especially his favorite challenges, Jenga and multiplication, and hopes that everyone involved will have fun.