Exceptional representatives line up for a chance to be the next Mr and Miss GHS

Every year one male and one female from clubs at Graham High are chosen to become the next Mr. and Miss GHS. In order to be nominated they have to be both a good student and good role model to represent their respective clubs and organizations. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were changes made to a lot of things,  Mr. and Miss GHS being no exception. Even through the struggle the faculty at Graham High still found a way to hold the ceremony. The head of Mr. and Miss GHS, Mr. Calfee, said, “Usually this ceremony is held during a basketball game in late January or early February. The way that the sporting events fell this year, that simply isn’t possible. So, we made this ceremony for this year into its own event.”

 This ceremony is a big tradition at GHS that has been going on for decades so . This has been a tradition since 1959. In 2000, it went to the current format of selecting candidates. From 1959-2000 only ladies were chosen as candidates. In 2004, the tradition of Mr. GHS was created. The nominees are chosen from several clubs at Graham High. Mrs. Schilling said, “Normally there’s two people nominated for every club at GHS. Sometimes we have years where there is only one senior in a club. so they only have one representative.” 

Representative Katie Benson(12) said, “The winners are being announced through a Facebook live stream/Google Meet that parents and the student body can watch.”

Grayson Hale and Jordan McFarland were crowned Mr. and Miss GHS on Friday, May 14, during the ceremony.