School says goodbye to Mr. Carr and wishes him well as he will not return as principal next year

       Mr. Carr has been the principal here at Graham High School for three years now. He is loved dearly by many students and faculty at our school. After this year, Mr. Carr is no longer continuing his role as principal at our school. “I will be leaving in July to move to the Central Office as the Director of Human Resources for Tazewell County Public Schools,” Mr. Carr explained. This decision is to potentially earn a higher role in the Tazewell County Public School system, which will be a great achievement. Mr. Carr said,  “I am going to Central Office to expand my skill set and begin learning about county-wide operations and administration. I have professional goals of being a leader at the district level, so I can hopefully positively influence and impact more principals, teachers, and ultimately students.”

      After speaking with students about Mr. Carr and his important role at our school, most students have expressed that Mr. Carr has made an impact on them as principal. Dylan Newsome (11) said, “Mr. Carr is a good person to go to when feeling down academically and emotionally. He’s a really good friend.” Based on the things said by Dylan, Mr. Carr seems to be there for students when they need help or just someone to talk to. Caroline Thompson, a senior this year, has been at the school all three years while Mr. Carr has been principal. “I think he is very encouraging to the students. Like if I’m not doing good in class, he would talk me through it and help me get better grades and motivate me in general.” 

      With Covid-19 affecting this year and last school year, Mr. Carr has introduced many things to make school more fun. One of the activities is the Principal’s Challenges where students can challenge Mr. Carr to activities. “He had done drawings and competitions with students through Google Meets and the other students were able to watch them,” said Ashlynn Sarver (9). This is a good way to interact with students while still following guidelines with Covid-19. Mr. Carr’s creative ideas have allowed students to have fun and still be able to be educated all at the same time. Dylan Newsome (11) said, “I like how he did the teachers versus students games like dodgeball and volleyball and I also like the introduction of the Principal’s Challenge this year.” The teachers versus students games were introduced by Mr. Carr and staff last year before Covid started. 

      Mr. Carr has done many things for our school: helping students get through the  year academically, being a high-spirited person, and being there for everyone. Mr. Carr will be missed by many when he is no longer our principal.

     Ashlynn Sarver (9) said, “I will miss how he interacts with the students and how he makes the school a better environment.” Dylan Newsome (11) also said, “I’ll miss seeing him in the halls and calling him best friend and his high fives, and I’ll just miss him as a principal.” 

     Moving to the central office is a big step to bigger and better achievements. Mr. Carr has worked very hard, and he has made Graham High School a great community. Thank you Mr. Carr for being a role model, a strong leader, and overall a great friend.