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Bullying changes over time

Tara Wyatt, Reporter

October 17, 2019

Bullying has gone on for decades though the way people perceive bullying has changed immensely throughout the years. The majority of people can agree that bullying is more than physical abuse now; it’s repeatedly hurting someo...

Tall girl fails to stand tall

Tara Wyatt, Reporter

October 7, 2019

Tall Girl is a new Netflix Original rom-com about a six-foot-one (and a half folks) teen named Jodi Kreyman (Ava Mitchell), who struggles to face her insecurities of being tall while getting put in a love triangle. This film at...

Birdbox intrigues its audience

Brittany Burton

February 28, 2019

The Bird Box movie has became really big around the world. It’s a movie about when a mysterious force goes around the population, and if you see it, you die. The survivors must now avoid coming face to face with this mysterious...

The Eagles still touring 44 years later

Allison Hager

May 21, 2018

The Eagles are an iconic band. With five number one singles, fourteen Top 40 hits, and four number one albums, the Eagles were among the most successful recording artists in the seventies. 1971 – Already experienced artists...

Take a chance

Autumn Jessee

April 30, 2018

Take a Chance Day is on April 23rd. These are some of the things G-men want people to give a chance. Emily Shupe, sophomore- “On taking the harder path, because in the long run you become more successful” Allison Hage...

How did you get your name?

Allison Hager

April 30, 2018

When people find out they are pregnant, one of their first thoughts is what are they going to name their child. A person’s name does not define them, but it does stay with them for their whole life. When naming a baby, you don’t...

Tips for beginning guitarists (and other musicians)

Wesley Short

March 29, 2018

Many of us have dreams of making it big in music. We look at people on stage and think, “I want to be like that guy”, or “I want to be a singer like her!” Many of us back out of the thought of performing eventually. However,...

“Jigsaw” Sluggishly Pushes Past Another Sequel

A.J. Hall

March 20, 2018

When the Saw movies came out, they were one of the first of their kinds. However, after a repeated mix of sequels it just turned into something utterly boring that you could predict with ease. “Jigsaw”, on the other hand...

G-Men want to be heard

Autumn Jessee

March 20, 2018

National Be Heard Day is March 7th. The people of Graham High want be heard and listened to. “My health is more important than my seat hours.” -Kassidy Frye, 10th “Health is more important than education.” - Syd...

Remembering the web series Marble Hornets

Abby Vaught

March 7, 2018

Marble Hornets is a web series that takes place in Cullman, Alabama. The starting date for Marble Hornets is June 20, 2009 and it ends on the 5th year anniversary on June 20, 2014. This web series introduces the Creepypasta figure known as t...

The fine arts and the way it affects Graham

AJ Hall

March 6, 2018

Art, music, drama, and photography, these four things make up the fine arts and it affects many people in a multitude of different ways. To one person that sees a painting, they could see a sad image of a person whose life ha...

Creating Characters Helped Me Through My Problems

AJ Hall

March 2, 2018

Wattpad is a place where authors from all across the world can write and publish their books for the low low price of free. This place, to some, may just look like a place where hopeful people go to possibly be noticed. However,...

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