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Sara Siebenhaar
Grade? 11th

How many years on staff? This is my first.

What's your favorite quote? "To live life, you need problems. If you get everything you want the minute you want it,    then what's the point of living?" - Jake the Dog, Adventure Time.

Who's your favorite fictional character? Finn the Human from Adventure Time

What is your favorite animal? Why? Aardvarks! I like how unique they are. When I was little I would read the encyclopedia and they would be my favorite to read about. In addition, they're underrated.

What's your favorite place? My Maw Maw's field. I used to sing there and play on the trees.

What's your weirdest dream? I was in the arctic and I saw a penguin, so like any human I had to approach it. It was so cute, but the night beforehand I had learned of the fact that penguins keep their knees within their body and if it weren't so then they would have extremely long legs. In my dream the penguin began to elevate in height, and had extremely long legs. A giant pack of penguins joined, and ran at me with such speed that Sonic couldn't compare. I hid behind a tree, but they knew. I heard little muffles coming from them, "Weh. Weh." Then I woke up.

If you had to choose, what would your last meal be? Two KFC's macaroni containers and my Maw Maw's chocolate brownies with peach tea.

If you had to choose an adventure to go on, what would it be? To travel the world! That or joining a secret organization on a top secret mission.

Sara Siebenhaar, Journalist

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