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Emily Blackburn

Emily Blackburn, Reporter

   Emily Blackburn is a fifteen year old sophomore here at GHS. She enjoys doing gymnastics as an extracurricular activity. The reason Emily decided to join Journalism is because she was told by her older sister that it is a very simple class and looks great on college applications. She also really enjoys writing because writing has no limits. She states that her biggest role model is her mom because she looks up to the hard worker she is and says that she never complains about the hard work she accomplishes. 

      Emily's favorite color is yellow because of all of the pretty shades it can be: light, dark or pastel. She doesn't believe pineapple belongs on pizza because of her dislike for pineapple. If she had to eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be the rice and soup from Shogun. If Emily was granted three wishes they would be free food, no taxes, and for people to have a mute button - wish number three is definitely an Emily statement! Her favorite TV series is Supernatural because it's all over the place, and you don't even have to pay attention to it to understand the show. She states that if she was rewarded with one million dollars that the first thing she would do is pay off her parents debt and then buy a house. Emily says “I would never be able to use one million dollars on myself, so I might as well make someone else happy with this gift.” 


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Emily Blackburn