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Lauren Pearce

Lauren Pearce, Reporter

Lauren Pearce is a straight A sophomore student at Graham High School in her first year of journalism. Lauren joined journalism because writing is one of her favorite pastimes. Her friends would best describe her as being kind, considerate, caring, modest, funny, and thoughtful. Her favorite class is math, especially Algebra II, because according to her, “it’s similar to a puzzle.” Her least favorite class is generally science because it is difficult and confusing to her. Although she doesn’t like science, she does well in the class. In general, she does very well in school, and she is her own motivation to excel, but her parents drive her to excellence also. She wants to graduate high school and college and have an occupation of nursing, with missionary work on the side.

In school, Lauren does cross country, track, and she used to do soccer. Lauren loves running, and it shows, as she went to the state competition for cross country in just her freshman year. Other hobbies Lauren enjoys are reading and writing. Lauren also loves playing various instruments. She plays the ukulele and guitar, and is learning how to play the piano.

If Lauren could have any superpower, she would choose to be invisible to be able to see what people say about her. Her favorite animal is a koala because she thinks they are cute and cuddly. Another favorite of Lauren is potatoes. Some of Lauren’s least favorite things include cantaloupe, spiders, small spaces, and when people chew with their mouth open. If she were to obtain one million dollars, she would invest half, give some to her parents, and donate the rest. She is a very generous person in all things she does. 

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Lauren Pearce