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Rachel Rutherford

Rachel Rutherford, Reporter

It is Rachel Rutherford’s first year in Journalism. She is a junior this year. What she likes to do after school she said, “ I don’t know. I’m not an interesting person.” If it were her last day on Earth she would, “do a flip into the Grand Canyon.”

She chose journalism because she enjoys irritating Mrs. Metcalfe. She doesn't know why woodchucks chuck wood.  This question confused her a lot. If she were president, she’d “make the country less sucky.” She never thinks about frogs because “they suck.” Her favorite sound is rain because it relaxes her. When choosing between being invisible or having to breath water, she’d be invisible so that she could spy on people and also because she’d “save money on clothes.” Rachel is afraid of clowns because ‘IT’ was a scary movie.

She rated this interview a 10/10 for creativity, but a 4/10 for, she didn’t like answering the questions.

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Rachel Rutherford