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Rylee Meadows

Rylee Meadows, Reporter

   Rylee Meadows is a fifteen year old sophomore in her very first year in journalism. The reason that prompted her to join journalism is the fact that she has a love for writing and talking to people. Though she still has some anxiety about it, journalism has helped her become more comfortable with talking to people. When asked about one job she would be comfortable sticking with for the rest of her life, she chose a therapist. This ties into her ability of being a good listener and love for helping people through their problems. Along with this, she would choose talking in person over a text or call because then she is able to feel the emotions she wouldn’t be able to feel any other way.

   When deciding on a movie to watch for the rest of her life, she ended up choosing Twilight. The reason behind this is that she loves the storyline, despite the terrible acting. Along with this, a song that she would be happy listening to for the rest of her life is "Need You Now" by Lady A.  because it has such a good meaning behind it and it can either put you in a good mood or a good listen when you are sad. Rylee would describe her style as dark, but not emo or gothic. Sometimes girly but sometimes tomboyish. She says it’s very all over the place

   If Rylee was given only one more day to live, she would face her fears by going on a roller coaster with her friends, who would describe her as being hyper, caring, fun to be around, and the mom of the group. When she is not in school, you can find her either playing basketball, or hanging out with her friends.

   Rylee was given the chance to be born in another decade and she chose the 80s due to the vibes she gets from it. Along with this, she was given the chance to be a new addition to a crayon box, and she said she would be lavender because it is the perfect mix between light and dark colors. Her favorite class would is Mr. Brown’s history class, considering he is a generous teacher. Her favorite food would have to be mac and cheese because it makes her happy. Her least favorite would be mushrooms, due to their weird texture. Her favorite animal is a lemur, and her favorite color is described as being dark and gloomy.



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Rylee Meadows