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Brittany Burton
Grade 11 first year on staff

1.What is your favorite quote? "Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired".

2.What is your favorite fictional character? I am not really into that much of fictional shows and movies but I would think my favorite is sponge-bob.

3.What is your favorite animal?Why? My favorite animal is a Llama because they spit a lot and its funny when they spit at people.

4.What is your favorite place? My favorite place is my bed because I like to sleep a lot.

5.What is the Weirdest Dream you have had? I had a dream one time that I was in a purse and I got carried around in it  I am not really sure why I had that dream.

6. What would you eat on your last meal? I would eat a lot of buffalo wings and with a side of ranch with some sweet tea.

7.What adventure would you go on? If any adventure I could go on I'd go on a adventure to New Zealand to go explore the whole place.

Brittany Burton, Journalist

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Brittany Burton