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Emma Miller
Emma Miller is a sophomore who is new to journalism. When asked about why she joined journalism, she stated that her friend Rylee peer pressured her into it. “I also thought it’d be fun,” Miller said. She has a pet dog named Boomer who wears diapers regularly. Emma enjoys playing volleyball, swimming, and napping. She played those two sports with the high school. Her favorite movie is the first Avengers. As for her favorite tv show, that would be Clone High. Her dream car would be either a Tesla model Y or a Mustang 1969 bullet. She thinks that they’re both cool-looking cars. She would like to travel to Dallas, Texas someday.

Emma’s advice to a future journalist is “don’t lie because it’s bad and you could lose your job or position.” Her favorite meal is chicken parmesan. When she has her own house, she stated that she’d put a gnome in every room. If Miller was stuck on an island, but food and water were taken care of, she would bring Harry Styles and a boat so she could leave. She thinks her future in school will be not failing chemistry. Miller is definitely going to college, as she said she wants to go “far, far away.” 

Emma Miller

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Emma Miller